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Pregnancy period

Find out which ones are the best positions for you and your partner to try for pregnancy.

Sometimes, not being able to get pregnant isn't at all related to health or religious issues, it might just be a case of not doing it right,or ignorance on some part.

Obviously pregnancy is like the next big step for every couple after marriage, so it is only natural that people will want to know what to do and how to do it right. One major problem Africans have however, is how every issue related to sex is taboo,or not talked about.

Young people especially are not at all encouraged to ask questions or to be curious even,about sex related issues. Therefore the level of ignorance when it comes to these topics like sex positions for pregnancy and others is a bit high.

Anyway, trying for pregnancy usually has to do with deep penetration, a quick search on the net will give you as much.The most recommended positions by health officials to couples trying for children are usually missionary and doggy styles. Also sex during pregnancy is very much encouraged by doctors, it is only when there is high complications involved that it is not allowed or advised.

If these household 'tricks' do not work,then it is best to see a doctor or a medic for actual professional advice tailored exclusively for your partner and you.

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