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Painful Story: Medical Reports Shows That Some Of The Nonuplets Will Likely Suffer Disability

Recall the Story behind the birth of Nonuplets, who were born to the 25-year-old Malian lady? The medical report gathered has shown that they are likely to face future health issues.

According to the information gathered, a multiple pregnancy specialist disclosed to BBC World News that, the 9 children born to a woman in Morocco might experience some medical disorder due to their Premature life.

It was reported that a health Practitioner whose name was given as "Professor Youssef Alaoui", who is the director of the "Ain Borja" Clinic where the babies were born stated that, the infants will have to spend 2-3 months in incubators. Adding that their birth is rare and exceptional.

"Those that survive will likely have disability, vision, learning difficulties or hearing problems"

"We're certain that some Premature babies mostly dies within the first few weeks of their life", Professor Khalil Said.

Meanwhile, Mrs Cisse was 25 weeks pregnant when she was admitted, and the doctors extended her pregnancy to 30 weeks. It was a total of 10 doctors and 25 Paramedics that attended the delivery, where the babies (5 girls and 4 boys), weighed between 500g and 1kg at birth.

Irrespective of the doctors Reports, GOD still have the final say. So feel free to say a word of Prayer for them in the comment box below, for GOD to preserve their lives.

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