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'He is now our own' -Atebubu Government Hospital Pediatric centre claims ownership of abandoned baby

The Pediatric Centre of Atebubu Government Hospital in the Atebubu Amantim district of the Bono Region has taken full custody of a six-week-old baby which was found at Amantim, a close town of Atebubu. The unidentified baby was wrapped in blue rubber-stamped polythene with only one white cloth surrounding him when the mother or guardian deposited him at the Amantim cemetery.

Dr Ernest Ato San, the on-duty paediatrician at Atebubu government hospital who took the exhausted baby when he was sent to the hospital, blamed unplanned parenthood for the cause of the baby's problems. Such a beautiful baby had been abandoned because of life issues which are mostly caused by unplanned parenthood. 

Making babies are not easy as raising a baby so most cases such as this one, as always, if not almost, is caused by the negligence of a father to support the mother. Small kind of hardship from the mother, and she will dispose of the baby hoping someone can take care of him or her, Dr Ato San said this morning on Kessben FM's Amansan tie.

The six-week-old baby, less than two months old, was found at the entrance of Amantim cemetery. He was calmed, peaceful and still asleep when he was found. He might have suffered suffocation of humid oxygen as he struggled to breathe in his sleep. 

Doctors at Atebubu Government Hospital when they received the baby, directed him to the pediatric centre where an incubator and oxygen equipment was waiting to ease his pains. He is doing fine, continuing his growth in an incubator while the search for a new home is been conducted for him. 

The pediatric department of Atebubu hospital has rest assured the Social Welfare department of taking full responsibility for the baby if they don't find any home for him within the next year. He will be on life oxygen support for at least six months and these months will help him grow so we entreat the social Welfare department not to rush in their quest to find him a home.

He is now our own and we haven't and won't neglect him so take your time and find him a perfect home, Dr Ernest Ato San said in confirming the hospital's readiness to protect the baby. It hasn't been confirmed yet, but it is rumoured the mother of the child isn't from Atebubu or Amantin as all laboured women within the area still have their babies with them.

If adoption presents itself, I will take him. He is a cute boy and needs a family to love; a mother to care for him and a father to play with him. We are in consultation with social welfare and we will make sure as doctors to get him a perfect home, not a children's home. If the social welfare departments fail to get him a perfect home, I will take him and make the necessary adoption papers. I am even the one paying for his medical cost so why won't I take care of him if they don't get him a home, the doctor said when Omanhene, the host asked if the social warfare doesn't get a home for the baby. 

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