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I Was Having Headache But I Woke Up And Was Not Able To See Anything Again- Young Girl Recounts

Life has so many challenges which can happened to anyone no matter the age of the person. It is so unbearable to see young children who has ambitions but due to life challenges, their aims cannot be accomplished. An eight years old girl has detailed how she became blind after having a headache.

It has been four years since she lost her sight, Maame Ama unfold that the incident happened at Kentikrono, she had headaches which she informed her mother. She woke up the next morning but she couldn't see anything again, the young girl was sent to the hospital but the doctors found nothing wrong with her eyes. Maame Ama stopped going to school, all her friends didn't come to visit her.

It was her aim to be a teacher in future but now that she has lost her sight, she no longer go to school to accomplish her goals. Maame Ama disclose that she sometimes feels sad whenever she is left alone in the house. Her Auntie Maame Akosua Serwaa is the one who is taking of the young girl, the woman open up that, Maame Ama's mother was sick when she came back with her from Cote D'ivoire.

The mother too has lost her sight and couldn't hear anything, her leg and hands were covered with wounds. The mother couldn't explain what was the cause of the illness, she was sent to hospital but yet she is not healed. The Auntie said because of the girl's mother condition, she took the girl and went to stay with her.

The young girl told her she had headache but she woke up the next morning without seeing anything. They rushed her to the hospital, the doctors did a thorough examination, they found nothing wrong with her. They again went to a fetish priest for help, they were told that unless they go to Cote d'ivoire to find out what happened to their mother before Maame Ama can be healed.

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