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My Mother Is Jealous Of My Model Body-A Young Lady Narrates Her Story.

Many parents are loving to their children but see what these mother thought of her child. A young lady narrates how her mother was jealous of her model body.

Since she was a little girl, it has been a really hard task living with her mother. It was a sort of punishment. She wondered why she couldn't have a loving ordinary mother who wasn't so upset with how she looked all the time. She said her mother was actually pretty normal size but she felt so bad I never went back to normal after giving birth to her. After that horrible experience her mother had she said she will never give birth to another child again. She said as I grew up she began to realize that not only was her mother ashamed of her body but she was also jealous of hers. It made no sense to her because she was only about 6 years old. Whenever they go for shopping for new clothes and she tries them on in the changing room her mother look and run to cry. Her mother always tells her she looks good and also she should enjoy it While it last and when she tries to convince her on how she will look good when she tries it on she will shout and everyone will look at her like she was completely mad.

Sometimes when we go out to a friend's party she makes me wear hideous outfit hoping that she gets more compliments than me. She said everyone but she was so cute they sometimes touch her cheeks,smile at her and sometimes even give her gifts. When her dad complain on how she dresses her in those hideous clothes she then start an argument. She said as time went by her mum obsession with her body transferred to her. She started feeling body-conscious and she was convinced that she had to be skinny. She realized her life was sad when she was 10 years old and her mum was so mean to her. Her mother was so happy she was going to puberty because she will be having skin problems, acne and she will gain weight.

She did some research and realized that if she had a clean diet and drink a lot of water her skin will glow. When her mum comes home in the evening with a lot of fat food for them to eat, she rejected all and always ate fruit and salad. She also learnt how to have good skin routine before she became a teenager. She used natural oil and refuse to use any makeup or chemicals. By the time she was 17 she was a goddess. Her skin was glowing and had no pimples or acne. She maintained a pretty healthy looking figure. Her mother's jealousy increase when she started looking like an adult. She started being extremely rude to her in different ways. Her mum and Dad went on a trip for 3 days and she was left alone. She said one night while dreaming she was swimming in the pool someone woke her up and covered her with cloth. She said when they took it off she saw two men who said they will release her when her parents pay a huge amount of money. The next day she heard footsteps and she heard her mother's voice telling them to release her. She said she couldn't believe her mother planned her kidnapping.

She said when they release her she was furious with her mum. She then started dating and did a lot of fun things together with her boyfriend and was able to persuade him to start eating healthy too. They even join the gym and avoided the healthier things that teenagers usually did like drinking alcohol and eating huge amount of fat foods. One day her boyfriend suggested that she started a YouTube channel to share her beauty secrets. She said she took his advice because it will be another way to get her mind off her horrible mother. She shared her secret that's the key to having a healthier body and beautiful skin is simply to eat right and be active and also use natural products on your face. She said she was having a happy life until her mother found out about her boyfriend and decided to ruin their relationship. Her mother asked her to invite her boyfriend over for dinner so that she could meet him. She invited him and of course it was the weirdest night ever. Her mother asks him whether she was her only boyfriend because she was pretty.

She said her mother told him that you smell so bad and told him that she's gross. The next day she was so embarrassed around her boyfriend but he acted as if nothing had happened. She said when she got home there was nothing in the house but fat foods. When she complained to her mother, her mother said she has found out about her YouTube channel and her secrets. So from now on she's going to eat fat foods. She packed her things and went to her boyfriend's place and stay there for 2 days. Her boyfriend asked her to leave because he was afraid that his parents will be accused of kidnapping. She left back to your house hoping there was a change. When she got home her father her and apologize to her for being such a bad father. Her father told her he has filed a divorce with her mother. She said she was happy and she and her father lived happily.

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