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Pregnancy period

Preventing Pregnancy: Tips On What To Do After A Night Of Sex

I want to start this thread categorically, that abstinence is the best way to prevent pregnancies. If you don't want to get pregnant or don't want to get a girl pregnant simply because you can't bear the cost or the stigma that comes with it, then it's best that you zip up.

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But we all know how hard that can be. So, if you can't keep up the abstinence way, then it's best that you do the other way properly. I said properly because I've seen a lot of guys and ladies doing and taking things that have no way of preventing pregnancy.

This often includes:

1. Taking an unhealthy amount of table salt

2. Using salt to wash the girl's private part

3. Taking Andrew liver salt

Taking salt and many other things to prevent pregnancy is not only ineffective but could be potentially harmful to your body. So how do you prevent pregnancy the healthy way for a guy or a girl who cannot zip up and stay abstinent?

The first method I'll recommend is understanding your partner's menstrual cycle and how it can impact your sex lif

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