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The spirit of Childbirth among the Northeners.

The word 'Northerners' is used to refer to people who come from the three Northern Regions, this Northern region, Upper East region and the Upper West region.

In other contexts, it is used to refer to non-Akans. In this context, we refer to natives of the 3 Northern regions.

The people of the North are believed to be highly fertile. This has led to an overwhelming increase in the population of our country. What beliefs motivates this?

1. Giving birth to many children is a priestige among northerners. The number of children born to a family is wealthier than gold.

2. Early marriages is a major factor for the high fertility among Northerners. Marriages are sometimes contracted ad early as 14 years old. As a result, birth begins early until menopause.

3. Children serve as family labour. Majority of Northerners are predominantly farmers and therefore would want to have more children to help them on the farms.

4. It is no secret that the Northern regions are poverty striken areas. As a result, other forms of entertainment are unavailable. Also, some people cannot access contraceptives to control birth.

5. Again, the high fertility rate associated with the Northerners is due to their dietry system. Northerners have a lot of leafy foods which makes them healthy sexually thereby improving their fertility levels.

6. Children are also considered as reincarnation of the ancestors. These ancestors should never in any way be prevented from coming back.

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