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Lady Shares Her Hardship After Giving Birth To Her Daughter

The stage of being a mother is one of the stages of life which brings a lot of pride, confidence and joy to every woman. It is not even easy even during labor not talk of your child surviving. When you are in the labor ward, it's a 50-50 chance so most pregnant women do not joke with their prayers at all during such a time. The kind of joy and excitement that comes when you finally hear that both you and your baby or babies survived can be immeasurable. 

A lady, with an anonymous dentity has shared her hard times after giving birth to her daughter. The baby little girl is just two months old. In a conversation with the host of "Maakye" on Onua TV Captain Smart, the lady made it known to Ghanaians that she is really suffering. According to her, she wants to give her little daughter to anyone who is willing to cater for her. To her, things are hard that what to eat sometimes becomes a problem. We all know that if she doesn't eat, she cannot get enough breastmilk in order to feed her daughter.

When asked the kind of job she wants to go into, she stated that she wants to be a house help or even a cleaner. She also revealed that she was into fashion but couldn't complete it because of obvious reasons. She also made it clear that the father of her baby says he has dashed her the baby, meaning she has to bring up the baby all by herself.

From the comments Captain Smart was reading from Facebook, a lot of people are willing to help this young lady and her daughter. One person said he wants to adopt the baby. Another one also said that his mother is willing to accept the lady in their home.

This is a very sad story. We hope for the best.

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