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Ghanaians Massively React As IGP Announces Initiative Of Replacing 'Officers' With Their Children

Readers can recall that the Inspector General of Police announced an initiative where officers who die in line of duty will be replaced by their children.

There have been mixed reactions from the length and breadth of the country.

Many Ghanaians asked whether such an initiative could be replicated in other professions such as teaching. These sections of Ghanaians believe that the policy would only create confusion since the children may have different interests or ability.

Other Ghanaians also indicated that it was an excellent decision by the IGP. It is believed this would bring in a bread winner for the bereaved family.

Interestingly, some Ghanaians did not agree with the Inspector General of Police and requested for equal opportunities irrespective of the background of the parents.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing discussion? Do you think it is a good initiative to replace dead officers, who passed on during their line of duty, with their children?

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