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Miracle Baby. Mum Gives Birth In A Surprising Condition.

When Marriam Ahmad went into the Grange hospital in Cwmbran in January after testing positive for Covid, she left her overnight bag at home as she did not expect to be in for long.

At only 29 weeks pregnant, she and husband Usman had not even decided on a name for their second child. But Marriam's condition quickly went downhill.

The 27-year-old paralegal, who has asthma, found herself in a "very scary" situation. "All of a sudden, my oxygen mask was on a much higher setting - I couldn't hear properly," she said. "It was very loud. I had someone washing my face, looking after me. I was very weak."

It was then that her doctor started to talk about a Caesarean section and initially said that Marriam would be conscious throughout. But she was told that her baby may not be strong enough to survive. As the day went on, the medical team decided Marriam needed to be put into a coma. The doctor held her hand as he told her she "may not come back".

"It just happened so quickly," she said. "It was within about five minutes, they told me 'you're going on a ventilator, you're having a c-section, the baby's going to come out, you'll be unconscious, you might not make it. Say goodbye'." Marriam called her parents in Swansea and the doctor rang her husband, who was at home in Newport with their one-year-old son Yusuf.

"I didn't even speak to my husband or my son - I have never left my son, not even for a night," she said. "I Facetimed my parents and I was crying. It was only like a two-minute phone call. My mum was like 'what are you talking about?'. I was lonely and I was scared."

The Caesarean operation was a success. Amazingly, and despite the doctor's warnings, by midday the next day Marriam had woken up from the coma. For the next week she was not able to see her baby. The nurses took photos and videos to show Marriam, who was trying to recover herself.

And so, as Marriam and Usman prepared to meet their daughter after nearly a week, they decided to name their baby girl Khadija. After eight weeks in hospital, Khadija is now home. At six-and-a-half months, she is happy and healthy.

Marriam admits she hasn't really had time to think about what has happened. Even though it was such a horrific, traumatic experience, she finds herself being even more grateful for the little things. Just spending time with family.

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