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Mother Cries After Seeing Her Daughter's "Raw Materials" On Social Media

The scripture teaches us to raise our children in the way of the Lord so that when they grow they may not depart from it but that's normally not the case --- as we witness children who come from very religious and respectful homes behaving in a totally different manner from how they were raised and trained.

Parents can only do their best to raise their children and show them the way to go but at a certain age, the children decide whether or not to follow the path they have introduced to.

This was the case of one young lady who exposed her "raw materials" in the name of shooting a movie and disappointed and disgraced her mother in the process.

The young lady was recorded begging her crying mother who was disgusted by the sheer disregard to her teachings, advice and her daughter's inconsiderate behavior of her position and reputation in Church and her community.

Social Media reactions and comments scolded the young lady even more and advised her quit her acting career if it's only going to bring shame and disappointment on her household.

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Mother Cries


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