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A mother was attacked for addressing her daughter as the most beautiful girl in the world (photos)

The love of a mother is incomparable. Every mother sees her child as the best. A mother would always take her child's side and want the best for her. It is the dream of every mother to see her own child grow up and become successful in life.

Every mother will always call her child beautiful, regardless of how they look. No mother will give birth to a child and call her ugly. 

A mother who is overwhelmed with her daughter's beauty took to her Facebook account to appreciate her daughter. She wrote, "The most beautiful girl in the world." 

Her post drew the attention of other mothers who attacked her with hilarious replies and stated that their daughter was not the most beautiful girl in the world. Some claim that their own daughters are more beautiful than theirs, stating that they're beautiful only in their dreams. 

For me, she's beautiful, but definitely not the most beautiful girl in the world. What's your opinion about this little beautiful girl? Do you agree with her mother that she's the most beautiful girl in the world? Are there more beautiful girls than she?

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