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16 Year Old Liticia's Suicide: Do We Still Have Emotional Counselors in Our Schools?

Leticia's suicide begs the question of the effectiveness of the counseling units in schools especially the senior high schools, that is that is if we exist in the first place.

The adolescence stage is a very crucial moment in the life of every child. It is that period where girls especially notice special changes in their bodies and then their hormones begin to play funny tricks on them. Sooner than later they want to be noticed. They begin to crave attention. They want to be admired and be the 'talk of the town' These homonal changes is what eventually result in experimenting with relationships and this is where things sometime gets messy and result in an unnecessary emotional challenges.

Unfortunately it is around this very period that teachers and authorities in our schools especially the secondary tag students and met out punishments when they see these young ones begins to exhibit these natural tendencies.

A robust and vibrant counselling unit will be able to flag some of these issues out quickly especially with those that appear overwhelmed by it and then meticulous strategy designed to address it. Unfortunately, it appears the counseling unit in many schools exist in name but not in deed. They are nothing but white elephants. The few that are operational from my experience are not welcoming enough and even if they do, they are pretty judgemental about the issues you take to them for counselling.

Even though the cause of death is not established one can surmise that given the situation that there is some form of communication channel for her to express whatever she was going through, she would have probably been alive.

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