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Pregnancy period

Chloasma: The face Mask Developed During Pregnancy.

This is a condition where brown patches appear on the face of a pregnant woma. it is also known as MELASMA or Mask of pregnancy. It can be due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. Women are much more likely to develop this skin changes. It is most commonly dark irregular patches found on the upper cheek, nose, lips, and forehead.

The cause of pregnancy mask.

Chloasma is thought to be due to stimulation of pigment-producing cells by female sex hormones like estrogen and progesterone that takes a steep rise which stimulates excess production of more melanin pigments. Some women develop these patches when they take contraceptive pills or during pregnancy.

How the mask looks like?

A pregnancy mask may appear as dark, brown like patches on the skin.

What to do about pregnancy mask.

1.Try to Conceal it.

Make a good concealer your best friend. Choose a correct foundation and concealer that matches your skin tone to be able to conceal the mask. First, apply the concealer to the patchy spots. Then apply your foundation to the rest of your face, avoiding the patches. 

2. Try vitamin C antioxidants.

This antioxidant is applied to your skin to help brighten melasma while providing other anti-aging benefits, like increased collegen production.

3. Prescribed creams by your doctor.

Careful protection of the skin using broad spectrum sunscreens every day during pregnancy and while taking the pill. Some creams that need to be prescribed by doctors may help the patches go away.

3. Protect yourself.

Exposure to the sun will make your pregnancy mask more visible. Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen or glasses on your face all day since harmful rays can affect your skin.

Does pregnancy mask go away?

Pregnancy mask is usually temporary and fades after delivery and can sometimes extend go away after you finish breastfeeding. If chloasma persists even after you’ve breastfed inform your doctor about it to know the way forward.

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