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"I Grew Up Seeing Him in This Condition" Emotional Moment Son Took His Mentally ill Dad Out

Social media users are currently feeling emotional after a young man shared a photo of himself posing with his mentally ill father

The father has just turned 76 and the son considers it an achievement to continue to care for him and give him a special birthday present

It's also clear from the posts he's made on LinkedIn that he doesn't spend a lot of resources looking after his dad

A concerned teenager has stirred social media users after sharing a photo of his mentally ill father.

According to comments on the photo shared by Solomon Kimani on LinkedIn, the mentally ill father is 76 years old and his son has brought it as a birthday present.

According to his son, whose name is unclear, he grew up in the state with his father.

He also said he set aside few resources to take his father to a medical professional for proper treatment.

The emotional photo quickly sparked a reaction on social networks.

The person wrote:

"It's my dad's 76th birthday, he's mentally ill, he's the only family I have, I went out with him.

"I grew up with him in this condition, I was able to save money on his treatment, please celebrate with us and may God bless you as you pray for his speedy recovery."

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