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Throwback: When some parents decided to tattoo the bodies of their voiceless babies

Making your own decisions is very important but as to choosing to decide for someone without their knowledge is something which I think is just not right. This article is going to give you a few examples of such instances. It is about some babies who have been given paintings without their knowledge.

It is obvious that they are very young and cannot decide what they want but their parents decided to give them these paintings. No one is disputing the fact that they were brought into the world by their parents and they are responsible for taking good care of them but going to the extent of giving these kids a tattoo is something which I am failing to understand.

These kids are too young to be taken to that extent. I made a little research on tattoos and found out that they have been found to breach the skin and this means it leaves the person with a high risk of developing skin infections and other complications.

These kids are too young to be put through this process. What if they developed skin infections as a result of the irresponsibility of their parents? Do some parents even think about the dangers which are likely to arise after translating this lifestyle right to their babies?

These kids have been given the paintings but what if after growing up, they tend to develop a phobia for these inks? How are they going to get rid of all these? This is literally going to create tension between them and their parents. Why can't the parents of these kids just allow their kids to grow and decide what they think is best for them?

I am not against tattooing as a whole. I am only against tattooing without the permission from the receiver. Take a look at these pictures below;

I think these are not right but I don't know the thoughts running through your mind. This is a discussion. Let me know why you think this is right or not in the comment section. Thanks for taking time to go through this amazing ride with me

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