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Pregnancy period

Opinion: Consequences of Abortion.

Abortion simply means you terminating a baby which is in your stomach by taking it out of your womb.

Abortion is not a good practice but yet still some youth still practice it. There is one major thing that mostly leads to abortion and it is teenage pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy on the other side too is a situation whereby a young girl of age gets pregnant at stage in which she is not suppose to.

The teenage pregnancy is mostly caused by the watching of pornographic movies, bad influence by friends and so on. When a girl reaches an adolescent age, The hormones in her begins to deceive and attract her to certain things of which if she lacks self control, she can not desist from it.

Adolescent are very curious to the extend that, whatever they see, they want to put it into practice. Watching of pornographic movies for instance, causes the girl's libido to arise and later develop taste for sex. Because she has never felt sex before and does not know the consequences of it, she then go out there and practice it.

When she becomes pregnant and there is no way or solution to the pregnancy, she then seeks solution from her friends on how to go with the pregnancy. Here is the case, Her friends will start to influence her to abort the pregnancy else she will be dropout from school and her parents will not take good care of her anymore.

Out of fear, she will abort the pregnancy and the consequences behind the abortion is, she can die through the abortion and the most important thing is, she will not be able to give birth anymore because during abortion, your womb is being taken out and thrown away.

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