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Vaccine contains lung tissues of aborted fetus; Theory debunked.

Conspiracy theories and vaccine

Apparently there has been claims circulating about the use of lung tissues from fetuses to develop vaccine.

Head of Southampton university Dr. Michael says" there are no fetal cells in any vaccine production process".

A video that was posted on one of the biggest anti vax Facebook page shows a study which they referred to as evidence of what goes into vaccine developed by Astrazeneca and Oxford university, but obviously they were wrong , the vaccine was being tested to see how it reacts with human cells in a lab.

There must have been a mix-up because there is a step in a process of making a vaccine which uses cells grown directly from a lab , this cells were descendants or related to embryonic cells , this technique was adopted in the 1960s and no fetuses was aborted for this purpose.

Bristol university professor Dr. David Matthews further explained that many vaccines are made this way and are intensively removed from the vaccine to a high standard .

Also developers from Oxford university says they worked with cells in the vaccine but these cells are not from any aborted fetus instead they were cloned in a lab for use.

The cells work to manufacture a weakened version of the virus that serves as an adaptation of the vaccine, even though this cloned cells were used to create the weakened version of the virus, it's removed when the virus is purified and not used in the vaccine.

As we all know, there has been an information being passed around about Ghana's vaccine supply being expired, other nations too have reported this case, what caused this has many factors like inability for authorities to administer vaccines fast enough, expiry date deadline was too small, health department being understaffed.

But one of the biggest factor is from the population itself, yes, us, people willing to recieve vaccine are fewer than others who refuse mostly to the fact that they don't believe in the drugs effectiveness or are too scared. Please share to population to help public prepare towards next coming batch of vaccines .

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