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Skin Care

Some Three Babies Tattoo Got Social Media Lamenting

Tattoo is a skin piercing using needle, ink and dye to decorate the skin in a modified manner. Social Media laments and demands explanations as to why people tattoo their babies.Tattoo on the skin is done with several paintings and designs as to how the request is made for it. Giving a skin tattoo to a child is an abuse on the child's right. Parents feel they have some tattoos on their skin by which they could involve their newly born babies.

Social media users do not understand the reason why parents could tattoo their babies skin to signify the love they the parents have for tattoos. Welcoming a new baby into the family is done in several ways, some parents welcome their babies with piercing of their skins with significant modification on the baby's skin.

Tattoo on the skin is normally done to signify the bond one had in a group or family. Some are done to appreciate the good deed of someone in one's life.

By Abigail Liko

Smart News Gists.

Content created and supplied by: SmartNews_Gists (via Opera News )

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