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Over 40 million condoms were bought in 2020 alone – Ghana Health Service

Ghana Health Service has revealed that 40,178,862 condoms were bought in the last year, 2020 making it roughly 8 million more than 2019’s 32 million.

Despite the overwhelming figure of purchase of condoms, teenage pregnancy in the country keeps piloting. The question that netizens can’t get answers to is that, does it mean the 40 million condoms is not enough.

The breakdown of the teenage pregnancy showed Ashanti Region topping the chart with 17, 802 and the last being Ahafo Region with 2,625 cases.

However, feedback on social media reveals that it’s not the teenagers that are buying condoms. According to them, they are even shy to go to the chemical stores where it’s sold. Therefore it’s the adults.

Some people also expressed that the lockdown is one major factor for the increment in the purchase of condoms. Thus, while partners are home and didn’t want to make babies, they can’t stop ‘doing the do’ either. Therefore they resorted to using condoms throughout the phase of the lockdown.

Another group of people also think it’s a good thing and it should be encouraged. According to them, unprotected sex is deadly so authorities in the sector should push the agenda.

However, others chose to lambast Ghanaians over promiscuity. It’s shocking to realize that most of the buyers of condoms are married couples who are having extra affairs. That’s obvious since the increment in the quantity demanded didn’t reflect in the teenage pregnancy cases. They argued.

Story by: S.A.Kingsley.

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