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Meet The Miracle Baby Born With Three Eyes - (Photos and Video)

This world is full of surprises, a lot of things are happening which sometimes look very hard to comprehend. We have seen many people who were born with one deformity or the other, somewhere born with less body organs while others were born with features that almost look as if they were special human beings.

The social media channels were in a big shock to see pictures and video of a miracle baby who was born with three eyes, with one of the eyes on his forehead. This is quite amazing, although they say wonders shall never end, but this type of wonder is even bigger than the wonder we would have hoped to see.

The pictures and video of the boy when released was all over Facebook, and it was being shared on Whatsapp as well as other popular social media channels. It is widely believed that an Indian man was behind the prediction of such a mysterious thing that was to happen in the future.

The Indian man reportedly predicted the outbreak of the coronavirus which eventually came to pass, and it was reported that he was also the one who predicted that a baby with three eyes would be born, and it is a sign of the end of time according to him.

In the widely spread video, it is easy to see how the three eyes are moving together at the same time. Some social media users who saw the video online have already linked it with the word of the Indian wise man, and reports have it that the baby was born in Germany.

The video is titled "craniofacial duplication" on YouTube which shows that the video is real. We should all realise that we are bound to see a lot of strange things during the end times, and if there is any example of the end of the world that should be cited, this is surely one of it.

Watch the video here:

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