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She is 6 Years Old, And Everyone Think She's Pregnant, Her Father Abandoned Us (Photos)

Many kids or children are going through many pains in life. How can a girl of 6 years get pregnant at this young age means she's having affair with someone or what?. 

This issues have made many individuals start calling her different names but on a normal note is almost impossible for a girl at this young age to be pregnant. 

I really feel pity for this young child but at the moment many individual have started donating money for her treatment. 

Here is the picture below of the 6 years of girl:

The mom give the press a verified information saying her daughter is not pregnant that's she's been sick for some years. 

This sickness makes her stomach grow big and it made her look likes she's pregnant which is not true. 

Individuals are lamenting her daughter is pregnant and calling her or sort of name's. 

The mom also reviewed his husband the father of the child left them and ran away after the child condition grow from bad to worst. she really need to safe her daughter life. 

My opinion on this article:

People should learn not to call others names when you don't know the sickness or pain they are passing at the moment. Is best you pray for such people than mocking them or calling name's. 

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