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Doctors told me to abort her-A woman shares her sad story

A woman called Justina Yiadom Boakye has shared her sad story about her daughter on Ohema Woyeje show. According to the Justina, she is a married woman with three children, all the kids are girls. When she was pregnant at 28 weeks, she went for a second scan and they told her, the formation of the baby was not good.

She was referred to see a Radiologist and the doctor too confirmed that the baby was having a normal body size, her internal organs were functioning well but her hands and legs didn't form well. The doctor told Justina's husband they should abort the baby. She was their first child and they are christians too, so they decided not to abort her.

She gave birth at 38 weeks, after birth the nurses sent her to the Intensive Care Unit, the doctors told Justina that the baby was having brittle bones so they should handle her with much care. One week later they sent her home. They named her Ayeyi, the first three years was not easy for the couple. If they don't handle her well, she will get hurt, even sometimes when breastfeeding or changing her diaper, she gets hurt.

They sent her to Canada for surgery and now legs are straight but she can't walk. Ayeyi is a very happy person, very active, she likes singing and dancing. Always she wants to do things for herself. Due to her condition, she is schooling at home. She is having a teacher who comes to the house teach her. In future Ayeyi wants to be a singer and teacher, now she is having a song that she is working on it.

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