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How Can She Give Birth? - Social Media React To This Picture

How Can She Give Birth If She Is Indeed Pregnant And Who Is Responsible - Social Media React To This Worrying Image.

A very troubling image of a very young kid suspiciously pregnant is turning heads on social media. The reactions and comments have been skyrocketing since the image surfaced on social media.

Many social media users were perplexed and couldn't fathom how it was possible for young girl who is not yet ripe could possibly conceive and bring forth a new life but abled young ladies can't conceive and are chasing after doctors and religious leaders for a breakthrough.

A small fraction who couldn't believe their eyes convinced themselves that it may be overeating or kwashiorkor that has bloated the young girl's but necessarily pregnancy.

The image which was meant to create humor didn't quite achieve its purpose as many social media users who chanced on the image deemed it critical and not funny.

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