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The Measuring Tape & Its Importance In Obstetrics

Have you at any point asked why your midwife or Gynaecologist will consistently gauge your abdomen with a measuring tape during pregnancy? 

This is the reason. 

The development of your uterus as a rule gives an assessment of the maturity or development of your child 

should it happen that it measures around any number its probable your pregnancy is that weeks old. 

An example is that should your abdomen measure 20 cm, your pregnancy could be 20 weeks old. It very well may be + or - 2. Which means at 20 weeks you could quantify between 18 to 22 cm.

Estimating your fundal stature can uncover if there is any anomaly.  

Example fetal development limitation. In the event that you are 20 weeks however you measure 10 cm. Your primary care physician has to perform more tests to investigate the cause 

In the event that you are 20 weeks and you measure 30 cm.. Specialist/birthing assistant will inquire as to whether you have twin development, polyhydramnios or whatever else.. More examinations will be finished .

Its generally done after you have discharged your bladder and lie serenely on your back for a brief timeframe. 

During early pregnancy it is normally not estimated until your uterus develops and specialists can touch it. 

Additionally observe how your bump develops and how it compares with your infant's gestational age. Inquire as to whether there are concerns. Doing this could help you save a circumstance adequately early

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