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Parents Must Keep Close Eyes On Their Children - A Brother Allegedly Raped His 4-Year-Old Sister

There is a need for parents to always check on their children. An incident has happened in a particular family and this has brought a lot of wailing. A radio presenter heard about a four-year-old girl who was raped and called a family member for her to explain how it happened. According to her, the parents returned from work to see their daughter looking very dull.

They asked her what is wrong with her and she said she wants to urinate but she can't. The parents told her to urinate but she started shouting as she was urinating. The parents asked the girl what happened and she said that her little brother who is 12 years old slept with her.

The parents quickly took the girl to the hospital for medical examination. The doctor told the parents to convince their daughter, to tell the truth. The doctor said that the person who slept with her is more than 12 years old. The parents asked the daughter and she said that it was rather her senior brother who is more than 20 years who slept with her.

According to the family member, the doctor confirmed that the brother slept with her through the 'back' and the 'front'. As a result of this, the four-year-old girl always feels severe pain when she wants to urinate or defecate. Some social media users after coming across this video said that this is the saddest news they have heard today.

They advised that parents need to keep very close eyes on their children. Most of the children are going through a lot but because the parents are not close to them they cannot tell them what they are going through.

Check out some of the reactions from some social media users who came across this video:

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