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My twins are always unhappy due to how people bullied them for having extraordinary fingers

Nyirandegeyaz Perajiya has given birth to twins, she was so surprised when she found out that her twins fingers were extraordinary but she got a courage to move in life and take care of the her twins. The children grew up and they were sent to school but when they got to primary one something unusual happened.

One of the twins was brilliant than her twin brother, she got to primary five whiles her twin brother was in primary two, Perijiya even noticed their differences when they were still babies. They little girl was able to walk without any difficulties but the boy delayed and struggled before he was able to walk. The girl always study and does his homework all the time, on the other hand her brother doesn't concentrate on his studies, all what he does was to play with his friends.

The mother do not have any work so taking care of her twins has become very difficult for her. Aside from the difficulties she is facing, people always bully her children because all their fingers are deformed. This has made the twins being associating themselves from other people, they always feel unhappy.

Perajiya broke up with the twins father about two years ago due to the regular fighting they were having. She has been taken care of the children all by herself. According to the mother, her daughter said she want to be a doctor in future and the twin brother too wants to be an engineer. Periyija always pray that her children's dreams will come true.

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Nyirandegeyaz Perajiya Perijiya


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