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16 Years Old Girl Who Got Pregnant Twice In The Same Year…

Teenage moms are on the rise in recent times, especially in the western world. In this article, I bring you the story of a teenager who has 2 kids at the age of 16 years.

The 16-year-old mom of two Ava King from Marion, Indiana first fell pregnant at the young age of 13. The teenager decided to keep her baby, and in February of 2020 her son Jordan was born.

In August that same year, Ava fell pregnant for a second time, she told Truly: “The second pregnancy was the most traumatic experience of my life. I just sat and cried, I could cope with one child, but the thought of having another one was devastating.”

In May of 2021, Ava gave birth to her second child, daughter Aveaya at the age of 15. Being a young mom of two can be challenging, Ava explained: “Regular girls my age, they’ll babysit and they can give the kids back to their mums at the end of the day. Well I can’t do that, I have these kids 24/7, and it’s really hard to adapt to that.”

Additionally, Ava deals with a lot of judgement towards being a teen mom, often receiving negative comments on her social media platforms where she talks about her life. Ava said: “I get a lot of people say that I’m too young to be a good mom. My kids changed my life in the aspects of maturity, love and patience. I don’t worry too much about people questioning my parenting skills.” 

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