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Here are 8 things you should start doing, if you want your baby to be smart and intelligent

We are in the information age and some parents are curious about ways to increase the intelligence of their children. Parents are also very curious about what can be done to increase the baby's intelligence when it is very low. To answer most of these questions, studies have shown that from an early age babies, several things can be done to improve the intellectual functioning of their brains.

Not all brains are the same, but the mind can refine and refine its traits afterwards, and the early stages of infancy are the best time to help babies develop spiritually.

Here are some approaches to make your baby smarter and smarter.

1. Indulge in baby chat

Communication is a very important tool in an effort to build a baby's intellectual function. Constant communication with your baby allows him to feel confident and confident. Even if this baby is not always fluent, try to make him always speak verbally. Healthy communication and language skills are indicators of high intelligence, so try to develop your baby in this way.

2. Food dishes

The foods your baby eats in the early stages affect his intellectual functioning. Always feed your baby nutritious food to promote cognitive development. Include foods, eggs, fruits, nuts and green vegetables in your diet.

3. Play with your baby

No matter how busy your agenda is, try to schedule playtime with your baby. Do the sport you like. Try different things to make your baby think. Do fun things and let his mind develop with new skills.

4. Read together

The importance of studying books cannot be stressed enough. The books are huge and help stimulate baby's wandering function and creativity. Try to always study books with your baby every day. Don't go for anything complicated, but a soft book with glossy photos can be great. If you try to introduce your baby to sentences and pictures from a very small level, the baby will evolve to enjoy learning and this can greatly increase the baby's intelligence.

5. Familiarize your baby with letters and numbers from an early age

Try introducing your baby to letters and numbers early if you want them to develop mentally. Do not enter the facility of people who are waiting for their children to go to school. During this short time you play with the child and start counting numbers for him. Give the child a table with numbers or letters to play with.

6. Create opportunities to interact with different children

Social interactions, even among adults, help individuals grow. Children learn a lot when they play together. Sometimes allow your child to meet and play with different children.

7. Encourage his curiosity

Kids are curious, so help your baby grow it. A very curious baby should always be ready to discover more. Give your baby the opportunity to discover new things, give him stimulating toys so that his creativity can develop. If you stimulate your baby to be curious from an early age, it will help you a lot later in life.

8. Reduce screen display time

Spending extra time watching movies and cartoons will not help babies develop spiritually. We understand that some apps teach children; However, it is very important to limit the amount of time the baby spends on the screen. Teach your baby to enjoy hand sports.

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