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He Was Sentenced To Death, Then He Asked For A Pen And Paper As His Last Wish, See What He Wrote

Parenting styles have a big impact on how children develop into adults, and they are important implications for their future success.

In Ghana, where I grow up, the standard parenting approach consists of uncompromising discipline, tough love, control, instilling a sense of accountability and diligence at household chores.

An immense emphasis was placed on respect and traditions. Respect to people in positions of authority, including parents and any older person was nonnegotiable.

The Ghanian parenting approach has changed and these days the parenting approach today seems more easygoing.

The Ghanian parents of today are generally more tolerant and sociable than in our days as kids. There are more dialogues among parents and children today, to a certain extent for the reason that the average child today demands it.

Frequent poor parenting decisions can have a harmful outcome through childhood and beyond.

Understanding and recognizing bad parental decisions can help parents make the best decisions for their child.

Dear mother , If the law changed into truthful these days you'll be here seated subsequent to me ready to be electrocuted within the electric powered chair, but because the regulation is blind I have been convicted for the crimes we devoted together.

 Mum remember the way it started, do you do not forget when I was three years old once I stole my brothers goodies? You failed to correct me, remember very well when I become 5 the day I stole my neibours toys and concealed it at domestic you said not anything, mum consider after I became 12 when I concealed my cousin's ball in the storage while he had come to play with us at home and also you said which you did see it yet you noticed it. Do you remember the day I became expelled from faculty at 15 years?

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