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Parents Warn People Not To Employ Their Son As Pragia Rider

A notice going on all over the social media platforms which everyone is talking about and can't believe what was written on the post.

According to the post it was noted that a family were seriously warning people to make sure that no one should employ their son as a rider. Let's take a look at the post in the picture below.according the the parents of the young man, the stated that their son really rides motor anyhow which they warned him to put a stop to it but he wouldn't listing to them due to that they seized him from riding and also made postals to warn people from employing their child as a rider.

It was noted that the name of the young man was Kwaku Alfred popularly known by many people in their town.

The parents of the young man added that, if anyone fails and give his or her pragia for their son to use and work the ride will be seized and destroyed.

In fact the parents were really serious but sounds funny to many people which they commented by using laughing emojis and stickers.

The parents really loved their son and doesn't want him to get accident due to his reckless riding.

It was noted that, the name if his father who wrote the post was Bernard Essuman.

Please do you really support his idea?

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Bernard Essuman Kwaku


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