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Ladies, You Can Miss Your Period Without Being Pregnant Because Of These Reasons

A woman may spend months without receiving her period even if she isn' t pregnant. Several variables may contribute to this. According to Healthline, this is known as amenorrhea, and there are two types: primary and secondary amenorrhea.

1. Birth control pills.

Some birth control pills could make it so a lady doesn' t accept her period for a really long time. The most well-known reason is the point at which an individual starts to take another prescription. By and large, it endures a couple of months. Amenorrhea might be brought about by specific conception prevention strategies that aren' t pills, for example, the hormonal intrauterine gadget, which is implanted, and injections.

2 A lady' s period might be missed for a couple of months if she doesn' t eat enough. At the point when you wear' t eat enough, your nerve center and pituitary organs quit working correctly 

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