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Why It Is Recommended To Start Antenatal Early During Pregnancy And Taking An Early Scan

We need to have a passionate talk about antenatal care. There is this pattern where ladies are advised to shroud #pregnancy and even stand by till 4 or 5 months prior to beginning antenatal. This is not a good thing to do and on occasions when I hear this I get stunned a few ladies actually hold to this perspectives. 

Let's me be open with you on all the things to consider. Maternal mortality has decreased when contrasted with what we had in the olden days. The majority of them didn't conduct scans, and have great medical services in their vicinities. I'm not saying we are there yet, yet it has been exceptional than previously. The explanation is this! 

Today as we talk, after you get pregnant you do a scan that will help tell whether your child is in utero or not in other to know what to do. In the past our moms didn't have this!

But in our case we do have them and in the event that it's in the fallopian tube or elsewhere it will be seen and something should be possible to forestall a raptured ectopic which can be lethal.

If you happen to stand by till four months prior to taking your first scan, and it is ectopic what will happen? Ladies have lost their lives because of this. Will you permit this to happen to you when scan is promptly done and this can be forestalled? No! Never allow yourself to be a casualty! 

Mothers who don't begin antenatal early pose an incredible risk to themselves and their babies. Remember that once you start a few lab tests or examinations will be done and if there is an issue, it will be treated straightaway to forestall intricacies. 

Ask any #midwife who will want to inform you what happens when women wait for long at home before visiting hospitals for antenatal. We get them coming in deteriorated conditions since she was holding on to get to 4 months or 5 months prior to coming for antenatal. Some even come with extreme uncontrolled blood pressure, various infections and so on 

Whilst waiting and trying to hide your pregnancy you may even be doing more harm, since you might not have even begun taking your recommended folic acid and haematenics.

Let's be honest with ourselves the earlier you start antenatal, do an early scan, laboratory investigations and start your prescribed medication, the better!!

In this present day, we should not hold to the old stories that were not useful!!!

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