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Pregnancy period

Avoid The Following When Pregnant. They Can Cause Hole In Heart In Your Unborn Babies.

Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) popularly known as a hole in heart is a kind of genetic heart problem that usually occur right from pregnancy. This kind of disease is when there is an unusual opening in the walls of the heart's main pumping chambers (ventricle).

Most people with hole in heart grow with this disease unaware because it starts right from the womb and the inability to diagnose it at its early stages could be problematic. It usually begins to show symptoms at the teenage of the victims.

The causes of hole in heart is mainly hinged on some attitudes and deeds of a pregnant mother which in turn affects the heart development of the foetus in her womb. Below are some of the things done by pregnant mother that are likely to cause hole in heart in the unborn baby;

Rubella (German measles). Having rubella or German measles during pregnancy can cause problems in your unborn baby's heart. Go for immunity test against this infection before pregnancy and let your doctor vaccinate against it if you are not immune.

Medication. Certain medication taking during pregnancy may cause heart defect in babies. medicines known to increase the risk of congenital heart defects include lithium, thalomid, angiotensin converting enzyme, stations, Absorica, clavaris etc. Stay away from these drugs when pregnant.

Smoking. Smoking during pregnancy increases the tendency of congenital heart defect in babies aside it being harmful to the pregnant mother herself.

Intake of Alcoholic beverage. Similar to smoking, intake of alcohol being limited amount or enough can cause several heart problems to the foetus including VSD.

Hole in heart though can be treated when identified earlier but it involves a huge sums of dollars and if not treated fast it can lead to an untimely death if the victims reaches the adolescent stages. Help your unborn baby by desisting from all the above.

In my next article I'll tackle how to identity a hole in heart of your child so that it could be treated as soon as possible to avoid any tragedy.

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