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Meet 2 Males Who Successfully Gave Birth To Children

Reproductive process is usually assigned to women but there are many stories of men who gave birth but let talk about two male who successfully gave birth to children after undergoing medical procedures such as sex reassignment surgery by advanced medical doctors which helped them to conceive.

Here are two men who have successfully given birth to children.

1. Thomas Beatie

Photo credit; Today's Show: Google

47-year-old American public speaker Thomas Beatie rose to prominence in June 2008 after becoming the first man to give birth to a child.

Thomas Beatie was able to conceive through a medical procedure known as artificial insemination. He has currently given birth to four children.

Photo credit; Google

2. Kayden Coleman

Photo credit; @kaydenxofficial: Instagram

34-year-old trans man Kayden Coleman gave birth to his first child in 2014. In a Metro report Kayden Coleman recounted how he was offered an abortion by many doctors who did not understand his gender.

Kayden Coleman is now a father of two daughters: Azaelia and Jurnee.

Photo credit; @kaydenxofficial: Instagram

What can you say about men giving birth to children just like women?

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