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2-Year-Old Girl With A Mysterious Condition Slowly Eating Her Life Up…

A great man once said, “that the greatest glory lies not in ever falling, but rising up every time we fall.” When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot on it and hang on. Today, I bring you a story of a child with a mysterious ailment that is slowly eating her life up.

Matilda and her husband were very excited when they discovered they were going to be parents. The couple did not have enough money and could not afford to go for medical checkups on their baby’s condition. They thought that everything was good until Matilda finally gave birth. She gave birth to a girl.

When Matilda gave birth, the doctors told her that her baby was not ordinary. Her baby had a hole on her belly, which made her intestines to protrude outside. The doctors covered the hole and referred them to a much bigger hospital because they could not handle such a case. Surgery was recommended for the baby but she was too young to undergo surgery and had to wait till she was a little older. Moreover, the couple did not have the money to pay for such a surgery.

Matilda and her baby were discharged from the hospital and were told to return for the surgery after some months. When the got home, her husband packed his belongings and abandoned Matilda and the baby.

Currently, Matilda is now a single mother and has been fighting for her daughter’s life ever since her husband neglected them. She named her daughter Kevine. It has been 2 and a half years now and the covered hole on her daughter’s belly has now swollen and the condition does not seem to get any better. Matilda has not been able to raise the money needed for her daughter’s surgery. 

Kevine does not eat every kind of food due to her condition. The little girl is always in pain and spends almost of the time crying. It is very rare to see Kevine smile as she is in constant pain and discomfort.

Matilda keeps worrying about her daughter’s condition and has no idea about what is happening to her daughter. She works hard and has hopes to raise enough money to pay for Kevine’s surgery and treatment.

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