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(Yawa): “Kweku Frimpong Wll Bring Trouble” See What This Father Did After Seeing Results Of His Son.

Education they say is key to success, that is the exact reason why many of us were forced into school with the aim of of attaining a better financial future through formal education. Anyways not all turn out to be fans of school and therefore do not take it serious. Well, most parents on the other hand see no sense in choose anything apart from going to school to learn and expect great exams results as a young man or woman.

This is article you about to read is about one guy whose father decided to take him to his school to check his exam results with him. I think the guy in the past times has been showing fake results to his father who seemed not to believe.In a video sighted by us on Instagram showed a muslim man with his son at a school notice board with the father very angry. The man in the video was seen hitting the son several times saying he was not wasting time on him to come fail his exams.

As the drama went on, on lookers were surprised and some were just making fun out of the situation. Some advice to parents, not all children seem to enjoy school and that is not the only way to success.

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Kweku Yawa


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