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Pregnancy period

If you don't want to get pregnant, read this information.

Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.A lot of people who are preventing pregnancy have opt to stay away from contraceptives because of its hormonal complications like spotting,amenorrhea, and a lot of factors associated with it.Many people have misconceptions about these contraceptives like mini pills,combined oral contraceptives ,injectable, implants and IUD.A lot of people have decided to go with the natural method by finding their prediction day of ovulation to avoid intimacy on that day.But even with that,a lot of people are still getting unplanned pregnancy.This is all because,a research have proven that,the sperm can last about 5days in the woman's body after intimacy.At first,we thought the sperm had only 3days to be inside the woman's body but research proves otherwise. I will use this cycle to explain better.Every woman have a different cycle it ranges from 28-34 days but most women have 28 days.If you have 28 days and you see your menses on the 1st, and your menses last for 7 days, you shouldn't have intimacy within the time you through with your menses to the day you will ovulate.

Just like menses,ovulation sometimes delay or happen earlier than usual .So if you indulge in any activity that might put you at risk of getting pregnant,take an emergency pill immediately. After menstruation,count up to 14 days before you can have intimacy.Thanks for reading,please sent in your comment for more clarification.

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