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A must watch: A baby boy who was born with swollen head had his life saved at just the right time.

Life is usually hard in remote places all over the world. People living in these places usually have difficulty accessing quality healthcare. They sometimes have to use the little they have or rely on the benevolence of good people to get access to quality healthcare service. The story of Myrah's son, Avyaan is a typical example of the aforementioned situation.

Myrah got pregnant with her first child at age 20, a few month after getting married to Sai. Two weeks after delivery, she noticed her son's head began to swell and reported it to her husband. They decided to take little Avyaan to the temple for treatment. They did this several times but the condition was still the same. They later opted for herbal treatment. That also did not go so well, as Avyaan's head kept on expanding. They finally decided to take the baby to the hospital when the condition was getting out of hand. Avyaan is now about 12 weeks old.

At the hospital, doctors examined the baby's head and diagnosed him with hydrocephalus. This is a condition where the head becomes swelled up as a result of accumulation of excess fluid (cerebrospinal fluid). Cerebrospinal fluid is produced by the brain in minute amounts and its function is to nourish the brain and also aid in the removal of waste substances. However when it is produced in a large quantity, it results in the enlargement of the head and that is a serious medical emergency.

The only way Avyaan's condition can be treated is through surgical means and an amount of 3500 US dollars was needed for that. The amount was too huge for Myrah and her husband to bear but to their surprise, a non profit organization was willing to help. The support of the organization was just in time, as any further delay could have resulted in Avyaan losing his life. He went through the surgery successfully and his condition is much better now.

Smile has been restored back to the face of this little family.

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