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What you should not do when menstruating to avoid pain

Menstruation is a normal monthly routine for every female or should I say most females. It's a monthly discharge of blood from the unterus and that's shows tha you are fertile and can give birth.

There are some things we do during this period that worsens the pain of our period and some of the things are going to be highlighted so we can see what to do and what to avoiding during those period.

First is we should avoid taking sweets. Sweets in the form of chocolate, toffes and what ever sweet. It worsens the pain of the menstruating thereby making it difficult to thrive.

Next is taking in chiilled water. That is also not going to help.

And stress, some people stress too much making it difficult for them to experience free flow of their menses .

Please take this into consideration and don't od any of these things.

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