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Pregnancy period

What mothers should know about the whitish substance on the baby after delivery.

Hello fam,please welcome and follow for more.After delivery,there is this mayonnaise -like substance covering the baby.Most people think this is dirty and needs to be cleaned but it's actually the most sterile thing the baby can be covered in.This substance has a lot of health benefits for the baby.A lot of people attribute this to the eating of excessive clay during pregnancy and other diets.

This whitish substance called vernix caseosa begins to form on the baby's skin exactly 25 weeks of conception and dissolve into the amniotic fluid as the pregnancy progress.With this,babies who are born before time are mostly found with these substances.The substance should be cleaned when it is stained with meconium or the mother is a hepatitis or AIDS patient.

The cleaning should be delayed to provide these health benefits for the baby.

Washing this substance before after 24 hours helps the baby to adjust well in the new environment, It helps to hydrate the skin of the baby in the uterus by protecting them from the acidic content of the amniotic fluid, It serves as a lubricating substance that helps the baby to come out easily during delivery. It provide the baby with that unique smell which aids in the bonding between the mother and the nee born.Thanks for reading.

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