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Painful: After 10 years of waiting, woman dies on Christmas Day two days after giving birth to twins

Mrs Gloria Chiaka Aderibigbe, a Nigerian woman, died two days after giving birth to twins after 10 years of marriage. Gloria encountered issues immediately after giving birth to her babies on Thursday, December 23, according to her sister, Nancy Chiama. She went away on Christmas Day. Check out her post below:

"I'm at a loss for words, my dear sister. Gee, Sis I'll refer to you as u. My padi, my gist companion, and my particular individual. So where would I begin, egbon world is shattered. How do I deal with ur death, egbon mi.

You woke me up the first day and informed me you were pregnant!!! Sleep had left my eyes. I sobbed I cried, I thanked God, I held your hand, and we prayed together. Why did you leave me with the twins, God bless you  We talk about the preparations, how we were ready for their delivery, how we brought beverages and everything.

Everything is set for Day one. We don't talk like that yet I called you on Thursday night and congratulated you. I fled after seeing you in an ambulance fighting for your life. Unaware that it was my last...n u died on Christmas day, a day I will never forget in my life. I made sure your pregnancy went as well as possible, and you did nothing but relax.

We had plans, plenty of plans for ur mommy journey. Death stole you away from me. How do I deal with your death, Gloria? Your counselling helped me in so many ways, and you were always there for me whenever I needed you. Where can I go from here, sis of life?

After 8 years of living with you, I've learned a lot from your marriage and how you manage your home. Sis mi, you were selfless. You were overly generous. You shine wherever you go. You were overly kind. You emit energy wherever you go. You've never had any enemies. You were a blessing to so many individuals you met. I'm not sure what else to say. I shall never forget you, egbon mi. I'll never forget what happened yesterday. Rest well, sis...

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