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Do You Remember The Black Couple That Gave Birth To A White Baby? - See Pictures

Many people are baffled as to how a Nigerian woman might have given birth to a white baby boy when she and her husband are both blacks. It's not every day that you learn of a black couple raising a white child naturally, but there have been rumours that she lied or that witchcraft was involved.

The question is, what happens if the woman did not cheat on her husband? Fortunately, according to the London Hospital, and according to theory, if your family tree is traced by a white chromosome, you will have a child of a different race.

The news shocked the community, and the couple sought to understand what went wrong. The woman said that she would never cheat on her husband with another man and that she is 100% certain that the child she gave birth to was her husband's; if anyone doubts her, she will conduct DNA tests to prove her innocence.

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