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"I Regret Selling My Body" A Woman Lamented After What Happened to Her

A young woman is regretting her past and how her obsession with money ruined her life. She now lives in regret, wishing to turn back the hand of the clock after living home for a better life in the city only to birth 3 children, not knowing the father of her children.

At age 15 Faith left home for the streets. She shares how she got introduced into prostitution, not knowing her children's biological fathers, and the challenges she's had to endure raising her children as a sex worker.

I regret selling my body for money, I regret sleeping with so many men. I regret not using protection, and even worse, not knowing the father of my three children. I regret getting pregnant three times by different men, never knowing who the father was or if they would want to be involved in raising their child. I regret being selfish enough to put myself first instead of thinking about how it would affect my future children. 

I regret selling my body because it was the only thing I had to give to my children. I didn't have anything else, no money, no food, and no home. I was just a young girl with nothing but my body that I could sell to make money for myself and my children.

I feel like I failed as a mother by having multiple children out of wedlock because it's hard raising kids alone without any help from anyone else except yourself and your family members when you don't have any money or even housing for yourself or your children.

I regret having unprotected sex with men whose names I don't remember. I regret doing it for money. I wish someone had told me that women are not commodities to be bought and sold like an object or a service.

I wish someone had told me that women should be treated like human beings and not like objects of desire who exist only for men's pleasure. Faith a prostitute worker regrets all actions of selling her body for money, not knowing the father of her children and the only way to take care of her children is through prostituting for money.

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