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Right Or Wrong: Will You Allow Yourself Or Wife To Do This During Delivery?

Gone are the days when nurses hit you, insult you, and call you all sort of names simply because you are scared to push forth the baby especially in government hospitals.

A new method has been invented by the British Midwifery And Associate as to new way in helping time due pregnant women deliver in more comforting way.

These days, nurses have invented tactics that will help you get the child out with little or no stress. 

With this new initiative, it will serve as a pivotal backbone in aiding the pushing mechanism during child birth.

The big question here is will you allow yourself through this method during delivery or as a husband will you agree do this during child birth?

The method is simple but demand a lot of energy just as pushing out during delivery.

A nurse gets a rope with tied double end knots, start a thug of war with the pregnant Mother and that activity will force the air down her waist to bring forth the baby smooth and easy.

The practice of this method has taken up speed in England and in some American hospitals, will it ever serve the decline in child birth mortality rate in the country.

Will it work in Ghana?

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