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Checkout This Result That Has Caused Massive Stir Online

The amount of money spent on Education should be enough to motivate that child to study. It's unfortunate that most people don't know why they're in school, hence their bad energy towards learning.

Parents struggle hard to train their children but some of these kids are yet to see how their parents hustle. All the same, we'll continue to pray that God grants them a retentive knowledge.

There is a student's result that is causing mixed stir online, as people have been wondering if the student went to school to play or to acquire knowledge. Take a look at the result below:

According to the Principal's remark, the child should be advised to get married. While the Master's report confirmed that she's always playing with boys in the bush.

It's unfortunate and I'm sure that the parents of this student will be so unhappy when they see her result. Always advice your children to study hard, if possible let them have a school guardian who will monitor their activities and movements.

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