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5 reasons why Americans don’t beat their children and why we should start applying it

The concept of sparing the rod and spoiling the child is long overdue and has outlived its goals in today’s modern world where children require love and care in order to be useful citizens in our schools and our societies.

The use of the rod undermines their core values as humans and sits on their fundamental human rights and also goes a long way in impacting bad habits on to them.

1.It nurtures them into becoming beaters themselves in the nearby future: when kids grow up being beaten all the time they assume that it is the right and only way to be corrected hence they grow up replicating same behavior onto their kids even in small instances when they could have just being advised.

2.Beating a child prevents him or her from coping peacefully in class with the fear of being beaten if he or she happens to fail. This keeps the child depressed at all times and will only panic learn but may not understand fully what he or she is being taught.

Thus when they happened to fail their exams or record lower grades in their scripts they may not be confident enough to bring it to you for you to point out their strengths and weak subject area and may even commit suicide.

3.It makes the child immune to pain and your beatings will soon become a normal routine to him or her and the child may no longer fear you and will soon start challenging you.

Children are rather supposed to be advised and guided right from infancy and taught to obey rules and regulations. Rod can never correct a child as he or she will no longer fear it.

Remember for a tree to grow straight it first has to be straighten upwards or stalked in order to grow in the right direction else once it grows it may be too late.

4.It violates a child’s human rights to hit the child but these things are taken for granted in our societies these days. A child has the right to sue his or her parent in court or report them to the police if he or she is Beaten.

This may lead to bad parent-child relation which may even lead to broken homes and marriages due to child neglect, irresponsibility, and even immaturity as a parent.

5.Beating your child has long term effects which may hint you in the near future if care is not taken. Children pick up behaviors their parents portray and grow with it ending up trying to solve their offsprings problems similarly.

It also brings bad memories and children may not feel happy being around their parents talk less of opening up to them. Beating your children makes them hate you and it can also lead to severe injuries which may probably lead to avoidable deaths and problems.

In a nutshell, children should be trained in such a a way that they grow up with positive mindsets and patience in solving issues amicably.

Chairmen who are constantly beaten often grow up to be high tempered people who will not tolerate any ones opinions.

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