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Man breaks down after finding out the kid he has been fathering for two years is not his kid

I think a DNA test must be done before a birth certificate is issued because, looking at the number of cases popping up in this generation, you stand the risk of wasting your money on someone else's kids.

Imagine giving birth to six different kids and caring for them like a dad does to his kids only to end up being told that, none of them is yours. This is a painful experience and to prevent many men from being victims, I recommend they perform a DNA test when their kids come into this world.

Many people will definitely raise the point about the fact that, men who perform DNA tests do not trust their wives. There is nothing about trust over here. To be on the safer side as a man, do the needful before you end up regretting one day.

Michael is currently heartbroken after he got to realize the kid he has been loving from day one is not his kid. He has been there for the kid and has been taking good care of her but never did he know the mother was a liar.

2 years after being with the kid, he has finally come to the realization that he isn't the biological father.

I understand the harm has already been done and he made a mistake by trusting the woman but he just cannot stop caring for the kid. This kid has always known him to be her father and therefore, leaving her based in the pain he is feeling is only going to hurt her more. She knows nothing about the wickedness of the mother and therefore, she shouldn't be a victim of this situation.

Gentlemen, don't trust the women you are dating. People change and you never know what they are doing behind the scenes. I know it is ideal that he still takes care of her but I know many people wouldn't do that. They wouldn't want to cater for a kid whose presence reminds me of the pain her mother put them through. You can let me know what you would have done if you were Michael.

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