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Pregnancy period

Good Reasons Why Pregnant Women Should Avoid Sleeping On Their Back

The period of pregnancy is very sacrosanct and every woman needs to be careful with the things she does. You know that your sleeping position during pregnancy is very important and contributes a lot to your health. Research has shown that certain sleeping positions are not healthy for you and one of them is sleeping on your back. 

The reason why sleeping on your back during pregnancy is not healthy.

Once you get pregnant and as your uterus gets larger ( especially about five months into it), it’s big enough that it lies on top of your inferior vena cava, if you’re lying on your back. If you rest on your back, you risk hindering your inferior vena cava with the weight of your uterus. This will steer to less blood flowing to your heart. The restraining of blood flow to the heart can lead to low blood flow for both yourself and your fetus. Research has shown that there is an increased risk of stillbirth for women who slept the entire night on their back. That is why all women need to avoid this sleeping position. 

Best sleeping position during pregnancy

Other positions aside sleeping on the back might be ok but some health experts have specifically recommended that pregnant women sleep on the left side. This is because your liver is on the right side of your abdomen and lying on your left side helps keep the uterus off that large organ. Try and adhere to these tips to stay safe. 


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