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Don’t Give These Five Biblical Names To Your Female Child. (PHOTOS)

As we all know, names have very strong impact on the people that bear it. So it is very important that as parent and guardian we give names to our kids which will have a very positive impact on them not the ones that will affect them in a negative way.

What we have failed to understand as Christians is that , not every name we find in Bible are good names that should be given to their children.Some of the people that beared those names in the Bible behaved in very negative ways. 

The following are the five Biblical names nobody should attempt giving to their female child: 

1. Eve : Eve was know by the holy scriptures to be the fall of Adam. Don’t give this name to you female child. 

2 . Jezebel: Jezebel is also another name you shouldn’t give to your female child. 

3 . Bathsheba : This is also another make you should give to your female child. 

4 . Cynthia 

5 . Raiza

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Bathsheba Biblical Christians Eve PHOTOS


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